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With  Natalie Brooks

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These webinars and weekend workshops are to support an exploration for therapists who would like to deepen their own self-reflection and enquiry into working with holding space for 'not knowing'. We have called this work Radical Unknowing, because, as therapists ourselves, we have both discovered the profound openings and healing that can simply arise through intimacy with the embodied aliveness of what is.   

In the western world we are often taught that more is better: more information, more ways to understand etc. In training, workshops and books, we may be given techniques, to support resolution and movement of stuck bound up energy in our clients and ourselves. These are  all perfectly useful. However, sometimes we may draw upon understanding, knowing  and techniques because something inside ourselves struggles and is in conflict with 'not knowing'. 

How can we allow chaos when it is needed or tolerate helplessness when we have no solution?

What if we could fully allow ourselves to stand in the fire of the unknown, to be willing to be vulnerable, to be touched by chaos and experience a felt sense of being out of control, with no answers?

This willingness  to breathe into these uncomfortable spaces without agenda or doing can create an opening in the therapeutic space for the mysteries to work through us, in unexpected ways.   

 We come into such alignment with the embodied aliveness with each other an alchemy can arise which is at the very heart of healing. 

This experiential workshop gives the opportunity for therapists to explore ways of working beyond the known, in a safe, supportive and nurturing space. 

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"This moment, this aliveness, here now"

Upcoming Webinar

For therapists or anyone interested in exploring the landscape of radical unknowing - the intimacy with what is: 

Finding the courage to explore these vulnerable places in ourselves where we can be comfortable in our unknowing is what this workshop is all about.  This is a radically different way of working that reveals unexpected riches in our practice and in ourselves.

 14th June 2018 - 7pm


In your own home



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