One-to-One Relationship Body Soul Psychotherapy 


The essence of soul work is a journey into love. It is a pathway into the unknown mystery of you

The struggle, conflict and pain in our lives is the experience of separation from love in some form. We long to know freedom from this suffering, so we look for ways out. We search to fix our pain and fight for our power. We defend our rightness to avoid feeling wrong. We isolate to hide our shame. We keep busy and in control to not notice the anxiety trembling through our bodies. We put a wall around our hearts to keep safe yet feel imprisoned.  We hide our rage and hate which becomes self-sabotaging pattern of destructive drama in our lives.  So many ways we try to run and hide and yet again and again we find ourselves at dead ends, confused and despairing of ever finding a way out. 

When we eventually let go of trying to find a way out of our suffering we come into a surrender of just being here

Whilst it might not be easy to be so close with the life inside you, it is also the very place from where wholeness and aliveness springs forth.

When we begin to allow what is here right now we are opening the door to acceptance.  When something inside ourselves is fully accepted then it can transform. Although it sounds easy, we are often in a internal battle of pushing away what we don't want, which continues the cycle of suffering in our lives. 

The way I work is to stay present with what arises inside the space between us. There is a wise guide within you, who can see in the dark. I call it the soul essence. There are threads we follow from your decision to come into therapy.  We listen together to the feelings, atmosphere, contradictions and stories that live as a internal battle within your mind and body tensions.

The relationship we slowly begin to build is vital to a safe container in which you can bring yourself into the space with me. Our relationship becomes a vessel to both the challenges in relationship you may bring with you and also the possibilities of being felt and received in ways that the hidden parts of you long to know. 


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If we turn towards what we fear or what is painful, fear becomes an opening to a life lived in deeper freedom. And pain becomes a journey into a more tender, compassionate intimate way of relating to ourselves, life and others.

Unravelling the wisdom in the body

The body is a pathway into our awake wholeness and the mystery of your true nature beyond separation. It is also a journey into how pain, fear, tensions, holding patterns and contradictions are held in our bodies as the stories of our lives.

Feelings as embodied sensations, clenching, knots are pathways into aliveness and deeper insights to where we are stuck in our lives

Memories our stored in the body. Trauma is held and contained within the cells of our bodies.  The body knows how to heal, it is a guide and when listened to deeply will uncoil and organically take us deeper into the truth of the mystery of life itself which is you. The heart can ache with sensations of longing and searching for something but not knowing what.  In embodied soul work we ask questions of the body, we explore amplifying movements and tensions so we may discover the very source of what these places inside ourselves need. We engage in dialoguewith them, we listen with kindness to the ways we have kept safe.  Slowly the knots, when really welcomed, begin to let go into the flow of aliveness that has been locked up within the holding patterns of protection. 

In embodied work we may explore sound, voice, touch, how the breath is held, and movement. These explorations are also relational and you are never pushed to do anything, we are slowly being guided by what is right for you. 


The format of the sessions

Session last 50 minutes and my fees are £55.00 per session.
I work in Bristol, Bath and near Frome in Somerset.

If you would like to explore working together you can

The relationship between us is central to the way I work. It can become the birthing ground of new ways of relating with yourself and others 

Together we begin to create a space in which you can bring yourself in an honest open way and share what is uncomfortable.  

Sometimes what can happen is that whatever we are struggling with in our lives can become part of what is difficult in the therapeutic relationship. For example, perhaps it’s hard to get close to anyone or be yourself, or you find it hard to talk about your emotional world. It is likely that these elements of what is happening in your life can show up in our relationship. Rather then this being a hindrance to the process, it actually becomes a beautiful opportunity to working deeply with the issues that brought you to therapy in the first place.

 As human beings we long for connection and love. Yet often through rejection, past hurt, childhood issues we have learnt to find ways of keeping safe to avoid more hurt

Yet these defensive strategies, although they were natural and needed to protect you, they also became the very thing that created the separation from deeper satisfying fulfilling relationships.

Our relationship becomes a vessel of healing and a mirror in which we can untangle the contradictions of what it means to be human in a body with another. We slow down and move into a space of being, to feel the subtle layers of the heart as it opens and closes around being in relationship. 

Slowly through compassion and allowing fully what is arising in each moment the mystery of transformation begins to reveal itself and the beauty of your unique essence can shine through.