Women gathering together in community.

Sisters.. this is my call, to gather in community together, mature women beyond our contioning of separation.


It’s time to lead, we are ready, we can’t wait any longer, we are the ones. No more hiding behind a secret desire to be rescured by man or god. No more ways out of facing the lonliness of embodying truth. Old structures are dissolving, ecological crisis are demanding us to turn towards an internal pressure to evolve. Mother earth is speaking through every cells of our bodies and we are feeling the mystery of her moving through us more and more.

Layers of fear and ways we bargain for a safe passage have to be meet again and again. Our condtioning of trying to control the ‘not knowing’ to find ways to not feel the tender surrender of vulnearblity to the wild unknown mystery of life living, in which we have no idea where we come from and where we will go when we die. This is the uncomproming passage of this time. A wild holy ride.

The collective trauma and devastation of thoursands of years of wars, suppression, conellastion, witch hunts, lives through these bodies. We need to find ways together to heal. There our untapped maps we carry in our dna, we are healers, we can find a way togethere, we have come along way already, years and years some of us We have to take responsblity for the way we have wounded men too. Acted out our pain and shame. New ways, new pathways are calling us. We are ready.

from our broken open hearts. The wisdom of the grandmother circles from our ancestors call from the wind and the stones,

to these times of emerging from the dark, out of exile and into our embodied soverigienty. In service of this sacred life.

There is a longing in a women’s heart.

The mystery of love calling from the inside of her being.

A call of intimacy, belonging, communion, healing and community.

A home coming to embody life,

Ancestors whispering through the elements

It’s time ..

You are the ones

We are gathering,

weavering threads


no longer alone

leading and moving as one

in her embodied authority and soverginty

with the ancient mother’s blessings


Embodying the sacred feminine

Women are emerging from the ashes. It’s been a holy fire for some. A decent into the darkness for others. Washed up on the beach, having let go of the shore over and over again.

Each of us have a story of not belonging, of heart break, losses. Hiding and contracting in shame that has kept us small.

We have compromised our embodied truth to belong and to be safe. Placed a mask over our vulnerability and pain to conform. Harden our hearts with rage and hate to hold back the grief. Comparing and competing to belong and survive in a patriarchal society.

So many ways our fragmented selves have been scattered, yet slowly we are emerging, trusting our voices, listening to the intuitive whispers of our soul. Building community together and daring to lead, even if we feel alone. Willing to risk not belonging and standing alone if necessary and speak from our broken opened hearts.

We walk an unknown path with no maps, bare bones with our wounds exposed and our beauty lumious, naked with golden streams of light.

This is not a path of perfection, this is a woman journey of her bringing home the scattered brokenness of her being full circle back to love. Her tears nourish the earth, her willingness to be fully human is her gift. To embrace the fullness of humanity is her loving and she becomes a vessel of grace to this world with her own unique flowering essence.






The Invitation

We come together at my home which is a warm welcoming sacred space with a log burning stove There is room enough for 6-8 women to gather.

We enter this time as sacred space, with minimal general talking but with a reverance to know ourselves more deeply. We honour the silent moment, the time to rest and enter the portal of our being.

This day is space for us to feel, to meet the embodied experience of our calling to emerge more deeply as woman walking in her own truth and heart, aligned with her wild creative self and vulnerable receptive essence.

A space to meet the layers of tensions and contractions in our bodies with movement and sound.

A time to trust what you need personally to enter your own body, to follow your intuitive whispers and your own map.

A space to share from our bodies and hearts, droping our masks to speak from what arises for each of us. Where we are stuck, what do we long to know, what is this mysteries magnetic pulsating asking us to embody in this moment. What is here now, we follow the aliveness and threads that we gather together from of our wombs and hearts, to take us through the story into the embodied sensations calling us home to deeper remembering of being.

We may draw upon simple feminine practices to support us in the day, We may explore respectful touch, movement, woman’s womb dance . The emphasis is on the circle itself as the remembering and wisdom keeper and the mysteries of the unknown. Each sister is pouring her medicine into the cauldron, practices may evolve through us organically, the circle itself is an ancient archetype and become the teacher itself, if we are willing to surrender to the unfolding of each alive moment.

There is no right way in this day, no practice or ways of being that are required of you, each one of us can feel into yourself if they are useful to you, each woman is uniquely herself and she is learning to trust what she needs, where her yes is and her no. These days she can enter a deeper intuitive knowing of what she innately needs to enter her own being.

Ceremony cacao can also be an option, with extra payment of £7.50 for this offering.

Saturday from 10.30am to 9pm

Non residential
Drinks, tea and snacks will be provided and we will be bringing food to share.  Ideally vegetarian options but also whatever each of us needs.

Wanstrow, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK.

full cost of the day Sliding Scale £35 - £65

Deposit of £30.00 required to reserve your place.
Remainder is payable 7 days before the Retreat.  
Limited spaces available, max of 8 women. 

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The Facilitator Natalie Brooks -

  My story of coming home as a woman.


My journey as a woman finding her way back home to herself began like all of us through the womb of my own mother. I came into this world with a mother who was already feeling the emptiness of not knowing who she was.She once said to me when i was pregnant with you, i was feeling trapped. After my birth my mother descended in deep depression, which shortly after was diagnosed as schizophrenia. She was taken to a mental health institute at 28 years old, put in a straight jacket, padded cell and given a course of ECT.  I lost my mother and she became part of the medical model system to fix the issue with medication.


We begin here in my story and in yours, the heart break of our fragmented world and the disconnection and suppression to the  sacred feminine and the ancient mother interconnected wisdom of all things relational of  feminine wisdom and healing. 

As I write my story and my coming home i feel each women in my life who have been both a painful ripping open to facing my projections  of fear and unsafey and the ones who have stayed in my life through the storms and the challenges, where we  find ourselves on the other side weathered, humbled with our hearts wiser and more generous with our loving and a calling so deep to rise in our sovereignty in service of something bigger then ourselves. 

Sitting in sacred circles began over 20 years ago why i immersed myself in weekly group bioenergentic body psychotherapy for 5 years. Each week i would sit in a circle of men and women, exploring how our stories lived in our embodiment and relationship between each other. Here i learnt to melt some of the armour around my heart. 

I also started to train as a psychotherapist embarked on individual therapy and many modalities of embodied therapy in particular cranial-sacral therapy  my birthing patterns of how i came into the world through the journey of incarnation and my mother's womb. 

In my 40s i had a kundalini awakening. It was a time of deep mystery, sacredness and ecstasy which lasted for a few years.  This experience awoke in my a devotion to the mysteries and the fire of longing in my heart to know truth, unity, sacred union, god, or whatever you might call it,  no matter what. 

I did not realise at the time that this fire and prayer for sacred union was also the fire  of transformation and annihilation to all that is not aligned to a deeper truth in which my heart ached to know. 

This took me into a journey of community. I understand now community is the path of  sacred union, the weaving of unity with all things.

I began to explore sisterhood circles and eventually became part of a conscious awakening community in the UK. For over 7 years,  we as a collective group field of men and women,  devoted ourselves to exploring the vision of a social movement through conscious relationship and a path of embodied awakening. 

As part of our journey together we explore sisterhood, brother hood and couples initiations. We created experimental community, to strip back the conditioning that we carry as men, women and in relationship together.  We stood so naked with each other, often at times we had to go over the edge of madness, to see a way back to what was possible and also what was re-traumatizing. We learnt together, we pushed the boundaries too far at times with reenactments and we revealed the depth of our wounding as man and woman.

In sisterhood we explore sacred feminine archetypes together, womb meditation dance and the relationship field between us as a mirror.

 I received many many gifts and it also uncovered where we could in community and especially sisterhood  fragment and polarize between us that created pockets of unprocessed collective trauma that paralysed  us or we acted out in painful fearful ways.. 

I also began to teach ShivaShakti Womb meditation dance which is a powerful movement through the energetic pulse in our wombs that can be explored on a more conscious level. 

I left this community with much gratitude and yet uncompromsing knowing that something here was missing to  bring us home into deeper rooted belonging and trust. 

I found myself drawn to a feminine embodied teacher Chameli Ardagh. and went to India for a 10 day initiation retreat and 5 weeks alone in India. I also immersed myself in non duality teaching and discovered the temporary freedom from my humanness, in the teachings of self as pure awareness.   I began to meet a conflict in myself of the longing to be free from my suffering and the sense of betraying myself and my decent into my body, humanity and my feminine self through these teachings.

As i returned from Inida as they say after the ecstasy ~ the laundry.  i realised that my long term relationship needed to end. We had meet so much togher in comminity and some how deep within my womb a whispering as i moved in menopause, you need to be alone now. 

 Another decent, . The layers of dependencies and the protections around my heart against loss was revealed.  The fear of aloneness no longer hidden. All the places of safety given up to the primal fears that revealed themselves through money,security,  loss and unceratnity with no where to escape. .  I spent 4 years in the wildness of this chaos of loss, i call it my  winter of my life.  The feminine power of allowing death, surrender and letting go as transformation to new life.  I discovered here in this relentless weathering a so tender love, sacred solitude, A deep trust of the darkness as good, whole and inheribetly connected to all of existence which is both loving wild and of the unknown mystery.  I learnt to bow with my heart to the ground in my helplessness and humility. To trust in the song of the mystery that seemed to know what i need, loving me tenderly and fiercely in service of my deepest longing. 

I started to hold with another sister  a women's temple near Frome a weekly sacred circle for over 4 year we came together each week. 

This temple was based on the work of Chameli Ardagh  http://www.womenstemplegroup.com ~ read more here. This was a missing piece for me in sisterhood. We learnt to explore feminine embodied practices together, to dive into the shakti (sensation beneath the story ) through dance, touch and focus practices. There was space to rest more fully, to be nourished with tenderness, compassionate and touch. To let go of story and meet in more fullness the embodied shakti that pulses in the aliveness of each moment as a doorway into my feminine and a spiritual woman's path of embodied practices that used the very fabric of life to take us deeper into truth. . We built a  foundation of  safety and trust first with each other so we could go deeper. . I am still very much part of this world wide community of sisterhood and we practice together with different feminine deities   online 4 times a year and opportunities to come together on retreat in person.

I have also been part of a deep mystical women's circle for nearly 10 years and we meet now on retreat together about 3/4 times a year. This sacred women's circle has arisen through the ashes of the community we were part of together. For myself it feels like here we have found a way to integrate a wisdom of being in relationship with our  vulnerability and our wild fire with each other.  We come together and weave sacred ritual, explore our relationship edges with each other, tender touch, physical holding,  cooking and wild naked dancing and joy and laughter..  This sisterhood has challenged me, to both stand in my fierce truth and light and to meet my dark hidden shame and shadows. When we come together it is like we become an instrument for the sacred feminine. A vessel to her ancient knowing, to healing medicine for the world as birthing vessels beyond my cognitive understanding.

I have been exploring Cacao for a few years now, with training i have done, to offer journeys to take us deeper into embodiement.  I find cacao is a powerful spirit at this time of taking us deeper into our wombs and hearts, offering us nourishment for the aching heart and exhausted body and wisdom of both what needs to be seen in the dark and brought into the light.

I have also held women's retreats at my home, offered women's journeys over the last 5 years.  

Finally if you have read this far, Thank you!

It is my deepest longing to weave my learning of my own journey with other women, to rise together with our roots deep down in the earth,  hearts open, yet wild fierce and uncompromising in our sovereignty,   to take action when needed, to stand for the feminine principle of connection and service to the heart. 

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We gather for our first new moon rising women's circle on 9th October

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