Women’s Soul Retreats

There is an ache deep inside a woman's heart whispering to her to remember

Beneath the doubt and numbness, her wild erotic nature lives. Her womb stirs with knowing. A sacred scent, the kiss of softness on her skin, the fire alight with passion, her heartbreak, droplets of tenderness. She is uncoiling a spiral path from within the darkness 

We lost our way a long time ago. It was not our fault, the path was covered up by concrete, and the wild flowers of your deepest longing did not die.  SHE has always been here, waiting for you. 

Our hearts are so tender with joy, grief and love as we take our seat with you in this momentum of women being called to re-remember. We were born with the power of creating life, in all her forms. SHE is calling us to return to our true essence. It is a journey into the unknown that we take together– we can't do it alone; we have discovered this in so many painful ways. We are learning to find our roots, to build a safe vessel within sisterhood to hold us in ways that our grandmothers and mothers could never do.  We are trembling into new life within a sacred circle of women, the mysteries of our wombs and hearts taking us in and down through our bodies. We are our reclaiming our wild passionate erotic essence and the tenderness of the naked vulnerable heart. We are birthing a new vision of awake consciousness that is in service of life and humanity. 


These weekends are an introduction to a longer committed journey that we intend to run in 2018.
They stand alone in themselves, and are
a chance to go deeper. Each weekend is different so you can participate in more than one. 

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I enter the sacred space, Carrying my uncertainty and expectation.
What do I need to do?
Across the fire, Her eyes crease with humour and fierce kindness, Nothing special
— Mary Booker

Feminine Embodied Practices

During the weekend we will be exploring mindful embodiment practices, which will include gentle movement, inquiry practices and relational exercises to support us to feel where our energy gets stuck ,where we struggle, and how we use strategies to support our rigid beliefs about ourselves and our lives.

ShivaShakti Meditation Dance

A dance of embodying shakti, life force that lives already inside our wombs. A spiral movement, a magnetic pulse that takes us in and down, through the dark void into our deepest belonging. 

Ancient Yogini Fire Ceremony 

On the last day we will be doing a fire ceremony which is an ancient ritual, a chance to give thanks, seal our practices, offer our prayers. A way of offering our practices for the greater good of all. The smoke becomes the homeopathy for our planet and humanity. (there is science behind this that proves how potent the fire is for healing ourselves and our world, it literally changes vibrations)

Sacred Women's Circle

Together we will be creating a safe, sacred container/vessel to support us.  

Taking a deep breath, and turn from our busy lives to face ourselves. This will be a chance to feel our longings, to rest in our deeper creative nature and the space to feel a connection with our "true"essence.

Awakening for all beings through ritual and ceremony 

We will be using cacao sacrament as a plant teacher, to support our journey deeper into ourselves, and Ancient Yogini Fire Ceremony for purifying and prayers in service of all beings. 

Cacao Ma

Cacao is an ancient medicine that really supports embodiment and listening on a deeper level, She also helps us to become more present in the moment, stilling the business that distracts us again and again from ourselves.

The Invitation 

 Is not about trying to become a better version of ourselves, a better woman, more enlightened etc, it is about resting back into who we already are ,as women on this planet right now,with our unique essence,and common ground. It is an invitation to become more connected to the creative force that pulses in our beings.

We all have many stories and tension patterns that we carry in our bodies,from this life, from the moment we were conceived,and also from the ancestral patterns that we came with. 

The sacred container,the sister circle, and the rituals are of utmost importance to create a safe ground where we can dare to bring these frozen parts of ourselves home. We will be supporting each other .

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Further Retreat Dates
16th and 17th September 2017
Women’s Journey 2018 – Details to follow

Saturday from 10am to 6pm
Sunday from 10am to 4.30pm

Non residential
A simple vegetarian soup and bread will be provided any additional food you wish to bring can be added but not required.

Wanstrow, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK.

Early Bird discount for September Retreat to be paid in full by
27th August - full cost of the retreat is £150.00

The full cost for the weekend is £185.00  after 27th August
Deposit of £75 required to reserve your place.
Remainder is payable 7 days before the Retreat.  
Limited spaces available.



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The Facilitators

Kanchan and Natalie are women with courageous hearts. Born from journeying deeply within themselves, with each other as sisters,  and in community that was dedicated to awakening and intimacy through conscious relationship both within a sisterhood, brotherhood and as couples.  We are both healers in our own right and together we can bring the relational quality, that is so often missed in women's work, from the very heart of our potent journey of sisterhood, as well as each bringing our unique essence, qualities and skills.

Natalie Brooks has nearly 20 years experience as an embodied-soul-relationship psychotherapist and she is interested in weaving contemporary mindfulness inquiry practices alongside mystical, ancient, ceremony, ritual and embodiment practices. She is a teacher of a sacred womb tantric dance and has held women's circles and offered retreats and journeys for many years. Natalie feels that many women are being called to rise rooted iin their sovereignty at this time and to become catalysts and vessels supporting birthing new consciousness in a world where the old systems are dying and something new is being called with some urgency to awaken.
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Kanchan Howe is a keeper and protector of sacred ritual and ceremony.  She has years of experience working with women and holding sacred space. She is also a craniosacral therapist, healer and doula, specialising in birth and the embodiment of our soul and all that lies between our true self and the conditions of being human. She has a compassionate heart born out of journeying deeply with her shadow lands and integrating them. 'Being with other women in sacred space, has not always been comfortable, but brought healing and magic beyond what I dreamt was possible.'
Read More about Kanchan -  http://www.kanchancraniosacral.com/

About Natalie's and Kanchan's journey as sisters

We recognised each other over a circle that was dedicated to sacred intimacy and awakening the archetypal feminine and masculine in a community.  Our souls knew that we were allies, despite the fears and pain that this work oftentimes took us to.

Over the 8 years that we have known each other we have held space together for women and community, for each other, and for the men in our lives. We have stripped back the defences and reveal our vulnerability. We have touched places together that most dare not go, into the very heart of the wound in sisterhood to the healing of a love that is vast, relational and rooted in devotion and surrender.  

Our sister connection is of itself a support and a mirror, a 'reality check', but it has been greatly enhanced by being in circle with other woman of equal connection. This has created a portal for strong feminine transmissions and we have surrendered and explored these energies together, birthing authentic rituals and practices, healing and magic. 



We would love you to join us on the 16th & 17th September

Do you have any questions? Please read some of our FAQ here. 
You are very welcome to get in touch with us:
EMAIL Natalie or TELEPHONE Natalie: +44 (0)7973 267232
EMAIL Kanchan or TELEPHONE Kanchan: +44 (0)1363 772414.
You can arrange to have a 15min Skype session too!