I am on a adventure of discovering who I am beyond the stories I tell myself.

I see this as a profound journey of allowing and accepting everything as it is.  A path of surrender to what is already here.

It feels like a sacred devoted pilgrimage of welcoming pain, my imperfections, the places I hide, the parts that live in the dark waiting for me to reclaim. A path that transforms harsh edges in me into more kindness and compassion.


I am discovering the heart is vast, full of awake loving wholeness and joy, that longs to pour its overflowing vessel of loving back into this aching world.  

In my journey grief and loss has been a passage into the truth of my own existence. 

There was a time in my life where all the old structures and ways I kept safe, as a way to hide from being totally honest with myself, fell away.  Illusions of how I thought life should have turned out shattered and I surrendered to a primal feeling of chaos, fear, grief and being out of control with no ground to hold onto. 

The grief which at first I felt was unbearable and relentless began to reveal a tender, more humble compassionate heart. It slowly uncovered my wholeness, joyful abundant and so loving and real. This wholeness did not need me to be perfect, or indeed was not affected by mood states, it was the essence of my solidity, belonging and innate nature, always here. 

This was the beginning of a deeper unfolding of my own existence. I  discovered a vulnerability that is exquisitely receptive and open, an innocence that is pure and undivided, a trust in existence itself and in my unfolding, a ground that was rooted in truth, humility, gratitude and my humanness. I found that within the choas was this wild and free primal life force calling to create new life in all her forms.

The journey continues, hidden parts still uncoiling, yet the vastness of the truth of who I am is always here, nourishing me with waves of creativity and vitality with wild visions of a new world in which we can live together in a deeper communion with all life, in peace and harmony. .

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Some highlights of my formal psychotherapy training


How to work with me

You can work with me one to one or in a group. 

I have 20 years' experience as an embodied-soul-relationship psychotherapist and I am interested in weaving contemporary mindfulness inquiry practices alongside mystical, ancient, ceremony, ritual and embodiment practices.  I am a teacher of sacred womb tantric dance and offer women’s sacred space, women’s journeys and retreats.

Would you like to talk to me about working together?

You can book a free 30 minute session with me to feel into what it would be like to journey together. 

Do you want to ask me a question? Please email me here.


I feel that our capacity to feel life through our bodies is the path of incarnation of our soul, so we may remember we are not separate from life

That these times of uncertainty can be a portal to take us deeper into truth and awakening. 

We are life and we are interconnected and everything that is happening out there in the world is inside ourselves.  

My path has been very experiential and at times radical. I have been drawn to training and for many years also in community exploring being together as men, women, sisterhood, brotherhood and couples living and being together in consciously-embodied relationships and deeper truth.

Coming home to my belonging in sacred women's circles has been profoundly healing and at times challenging, a love affair with being in a woman's body and re-remembering our sovereignty. I have discovered the profound power and love that is possible in a sacred sisterhood circle to bring healing, joy and magic in my life. I trained in a tantric womb dance and have held women’s circles, contemporary sacred women’s temple and retreats Sacred women's circles continue to take me deeper into the mysteries of awakening into a woman's body. It is showing me the profound role as women we have at this time to re-birth new consciousness in a world where the old systems are dying and something new is being called to awaken.

Please join me. I would love to journey with you