Sacred Embodied Community

To live a soul full life we have to embody the whole spectrum of what it means to be human and the ways we numb and defend against this. The words sacred embodied community is the essence of knowing ourselves as one. It may sound beautiful and it is.. and humbling, we cannot separate ourselves from the full horror of life as well as the exquisiteness of being alive and awake.

Sacred - to honour all life, it all holy, the dirty dishes in the sink. The numbness of this disconnected body crying out to be felt. My ageing mother’s fragility, trapped in avoiding her pain and a father who knows nothing of a soul life. The beauty of the soft exquisite rose that tantalisingly aches to nuzzle my whole being into and melt. The joy of a new born baby., the smell of dying. The grief in my heart, the tremble of fear, the gratitude of aliveness, the wonder of life. Bird singing at dawn. The boy who is deadened and suicidal, the young girl who has never sat in a circle of grandmother’s wisdom. The elders, isolated and alone. The dancing barefooted and the naked swimming in the sea. The welcoming gaps and ancient whispers of sweet loving between the incessant noisy thoughts. The shame that i hide and ways I defend my rightness. The generosity that lives in me, the lack that contracts me. The animals suffering through neglect, Gaia heating up, the melting ice caps, the CO2 rising, oh my grief again. The uncertainty and impermanence of it all. The grace in the sunrise and sunsets, the tenderness in the broken open heart. The waves rising and falling, remembering of oceanic womb and my love for mother. The seasons of the earth. becoming and diminishing. The mystery of the moon and stars. The insects as i take my daily walk without even knowing i have destroyed one or two along the way. The wars and hatred, terror ,horror, trauma rapes and torture,. The young ones working in factories for pennies, the polar bears hungry. The light in your eyes, those tender words of yours that soothed my raw heart. the kindness and compassion. The beauty of oneness i see in you as me. The ecstasy and laundry.. and so it goes on… Within the sacred there is a weaving of beauty and suffering, they cannot be compartmentalised , they are interwoven through the tapestry of life. The sacred is the quintessential essence and unity within all things. It may seem a little odd to somehow weave a tapestry in which suffering and the sacred cannot be separated, love and hate, heartbreak and well being live together and become the very ground of sacred embodied community that rising from the ashes of the old structures that are ready to fall.

natalie brooks