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The journey of transformation arises when the heart is on fire with a longing to come home to oneself.  It is a path of intimacy with everything,  to go deeper into aliveness, truth and love.


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There is a journey of reclaiming joy, love and belonging that lives within your own being: a path of intimacy, truth,  relationship and embodiment.

If we turn towards what we fear or what is painful, fear becomes an opening to a life lived in deeper freedom. And pain becomes a journey into a more tender, compassionate intimate way of relating to ourselves, life and others.

The essence of soul work is a journey into love. It is a pathway into the unknown mystery of you.

The struggle, conflict and pain in our lives is the experience of separation from love in some form. We long to know freedom from this suffering, so we look for ways out. We search to fix our pain and fight for our power. We defend our rightness to avoid feeling wrong. We isolate to hide our shame. We keep busy and in control to not notice the anxiety trembling through our bodies. We put a wall around our hearts to keep safe yet feel imprisoned. We hide our rage and hate which becomes self-sabotaging pattern of destructive drama in our lives.  So many ways we try to run and hide and yet again and again we find ourselves at dead ends, confused and despairing of ever finding a way out. 

When we eventually let go of trying to find a way out of our suffering we come into a surrender of just being here.  When something in ourselves is fully accepted it can transform and reveal it's precious gifts. 

Healing In Relationship

Creating a safe space to open your heart and grow your roots deep into the ground. A journey exploring relationship and embodiment. 

When we come into relationship with another we meet both the longing for love and also the ways we have learnt to protect ourselves from hurt.  read more

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Sacred Women's Circle and Women's Retreats
Relationship Body Psychotherapy
Feminine rituals and ceremony
Contemporary mindfulness enquiry practices
Embodying shakti womb dance
Ceremonial cacao embodiment  

The path of intimacy, vulnerability and conscious relationships is a radical and direct path to awakening into truth and deeper love 

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A portal of intimacy from my heart