A New Vision of Sacred Embodied Community

This weekend is the beginning of an exploration of coming together in brotherhood and sisterhood to dare to be bold, to dream our wild and passionate visions of co-creating sacred community.

This is an experimental coming together in response to our deepest heart longing and grief of where we now find ourselves as humanity on earth.

There is a maturity and wisdom that grows from a broken open heart. From a willingness to become intimate with life in times of great change, loss and uncertainty. There is a leadership that is calling us to slow down within the urgency that we can sense in our bones.

Remembering unity and honouring diversity

We need sacred space that honours our diversity, that is in service of the whole. To build upon a foundation to deepen authentic relational contact that values what is true for each of us, listening and openness, to hold our stories of right and wrong with lightness. To be willing to not fix problems as a way out of not being able to tolerate emotions.

A embodied community that can use skills and support to navigate conflict. That acknowledges generational trauma and can begin to find ways together to heal.

Ecological crisis /Embodied Justice

There is an ever growing mountain of truth that the planet is in the wake of 5th extinction . It is very likely social collapse will be seen in our life as the legacy of never ending expansion and the denial of ecological emergency wakes up in the collective consciousness. (to be edited changed)

Working to heal collective trauma

We have deep collective wounds as men and women and in community. Our relationship to belonging to community has often carried further re-traumatising. Trauma can be likened to a raw pain that lives within us, that is so sensitive and in shock that when activated we can easily become disembodied, spinning into reactive survival mechanisms. Trauma can create huge pockets of re-enacting and division to the harmony and balance in community. We need to acknowledge the trauma we all hold and to find both personal and collective ways to heal together.

Regeneration focus

We need to prepare for these times ahead, to sow seeds for our children and the next generation. To embody resilience at all levels. liberation and freedom in the face of all that feels hopeless. Awakeness as a antidote to numbness, tenderness and grief as a medicine for our armour, ceremony to support our denial, connection with spirit and remember our unity. Passionate service and embodied activism as alchemy to our anger, hate and reactivity. Surrender and vulnerability to our primal anxieties and need to control outcome.

Ritual to heal community, reclaiming belonging, land and ancestor healing

We cannot make blanket statements about healing trauma, i.e this is what is needed. Ritual can be a welcoming home and belonging, reclaiming and remembering of our unity. A place to tend and befriend all that is exiled within us. The elements of fire, water, ancestor bones, earth, air, music, singing, chanting, wailing, being witnessed in our stories are all ways of reclaiming this simple yet powerful healing. Embodiment, dance, movement and music are profound ways to transmute trauma that speaks through how the one body within us holds maps and keys to what we need to bring deeper healing here.

Post colonialism



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The Invitation

Living close to the earth exploring Sacred Embodied Community

Do we dare to be bold, to dream our wildness passionate visions of co-creating sacred community. Many of us are feeling the heartbreak and grief for this world. Old structures are breaking down and there is a urgency within us to face this and co-create a new way.

This weekend we come together to drop our masks, to touch on the mystery of these times. To share what is possible

We see a vision of a consciousness sacred embodied village, that grows uniquely alongside the relational foundation of our connection with each other and the earth. A self pollinating field of intent,awakening, abundance and deepening of clarity of how we may serve in our gifts and as a community. Working together with all ages sharing a common visions, feeling of mutual support, living on the earth in a connected way.

We (Anna and Natalie) will offer a template of a structure to hold us for this weekend so we may deepen into the organic unfolding. This structure like any organic process will also be flexible and open to feeling into the energetic emerging between us. Our offering of a template is weaving of togetherness, silence, listening to the earth, sharing, movement, cacao visionary of embodied community.

and visions of how we may see this community emerging between us. (cacao)

This weekend to hold space for togetherness and alone, silence to connect deeper within and with earth listening.

Ceremony cacao can also be an option, (we will need to cover costs)

When and where

A weekend of camping, ceremony space, sharing, embodiment, visionary held in nature

12 ~ 13 October 2019

Brook End Farm, Somerset Castlebrook Compton Dundon, TA11 6PR

Brook End is a 4 acre family smallholding in a village called Compton Dundon, near Glastonbury in Somerset. The site is diverse with an old orchard, woodland, stream and pond, as well as a 2 acre field. There are 7 greenhouses and a polytunnel as well as an intensive vegetable garden. There are also several structures and buildings, including a summer house.

Facilities include camping space available on the field or two spare bedrooms in the house. We have all the mod cons, including compost toilets. All meals will be vegetarian/vegan with as much home-grown and wild food as possible. There is a local pub and a main bus route (First bus 377) runs through the village. Behind the land is a nature reserve at Compton Dundon Hill, with many rare wild flowers.

To cover cost of venue and food, will advise when you reserve a place.

Spaces our limited so to reserve a place we will ask for a small deposit to reserve a space and your commitment to attend.

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You are very welcome to get in touch with us:
EMAIL Natalie or TELEPHONE Natalie: +44 (0)7973 267232
You can arrange a short skype session with me to find out more