A weekend of co creating sacred space, living and deep listening to the earth, ceremony, sharing our hearts and opening to the unknown mystery together. Camping is available on site or alternative options if preferred

4th - 6th October 2019


This weekend is the beginning of an exploration of coming together in sisterhood and brotherhood, to dare to be bold, to dream our wildest and passionate visions of co-creating sacred community. Many of us are feeling the heartbreak and grief of this world. Old structures are breaking down and there is an urgency within us to face this and co-create a new way that prepares the ground for the next generation.

We will gather in a circle to meet in our hearts, to drop our masks, to share what wants to arises within and between us. To touch upon the mystery of these times. To explore what is possible through the heart of humanity in times of great pivotal change.

We will come together as if we were a village

Perhaps exploring our personal visions of sacred community in harmony with Mother Gaia, this may include, a vision of working and living together, all ages, sharing a common vision, feelings of mutual support and living on the earth in connected and sacred ways. Honouring our diversity and liberating ourselves from dogmatic ideas and beliefs of how community should look. We would like to explore a deep embodied conversation on community, what it is? There are many wounds we carry around community. Splits and polarisation arise, can we make space within ourselves to sit together and build a ground of inclusiveness, to not amputate ourselves to belong.

We, Anna and Natalie; will offer a template for a structure to hold us during this weekend so we may deepen into the organic unfolding. This structure, like any organic process, will also be flexible, opening us up to feeling into the energetic connections emerging between us. Although the event is on my website, it is not visible to the the general public and a private invite, it is something we are exploring together. The words we have used are Anna and myself words, language carries it own interpretations and slowly if this gathering wants to evolve we will together need to shape it.

The unfolding of the weekend

We hope for togetherness, silence, listening to the earth, sharing, movement, cacao vision -quest , co-creating ceremony and embodied community. We may dance, play music, sing, drum, make art and share our gifts and skills with each other. Decision making will be collective, which will be guided by the whole, beyond the old paradigm of hierarchy system of leadership. We are opening to the unknown and discovering the community's own self organising intelligence which recognises the need for both individual and group empowerment.

This is an experimental coming together in response to both the heart's grief of where we find ourselves as humanity on earth and also to explore the flowering of new consciousness that is at the very heart of Gaia herself that some say is awakening through these unprecedented times of great change.

At the end of the weekend, we will gather strands from our enquiries together. To explore the possibility of further gatherings together to grow our roots and nurture the ground we have prepared.

Our vision is that all ages will be part of the weaving on community life, however this weekend we have decided that it is for adults only as we prepare the foundations of this new vision of community in harmony with mother Gaia.

Here’s a personal reflection of sacred embodied community written by Natalie.

Here’s Anna Grace Jacob’s Website and a poem of these times https://annagracejacobs.com/oh-how-we-bleed/

Dates and prices

Dates are Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October.
We arrive on Friday from 3pm. Dinner is at 6pm and we gather in the yurt by 7.30pm for a welcoming and deepening sharing.

Sunday morning is the final completion circle in the Yurt. If you wish to stay for lunch on Sunday please let us know. It would be a lovely way to complete and eat lunch together before parting.

All dietary requirements can be catered for if we know in advance. Please let us know your needs when you complete your form.

We are not making a charge for this event. Your contribution will cover the venue hire and the delicious vegetarian food.

Food per day per person is £16 (inc breakfast lunch and dinner). Camping is £14 p/person for 2 nights.
We will share the cost of the venue and yurt hire between all of us. The total for this is £140 and we will let you know nearer the time how much is your share. All food provided is vegetarian/vegan. We require a deposit of £30.00 each to reserve a space. Spaces are limited.

If you find camping not suitable for yourself then there maybe options of B&B locally and a space in a caravan. We ask you to take care of these needs yourself by emailing the venue directly.

Location and venue

A beautiful sacred land near Glastonbury at Compton Dundon with Yurt and magical sacred spaces for us to be held by the earth mother and each other.

Alternative b & B in the village area.

Barn and holiday lets, converted barn and Shepherd's hut - https://www.barnatchurchfarm.com/
4 star rating B & B in village https://www.bedandbreakfastinsomerset.info/Profile_SM635-Rickham-House-BB-Accommodation-in-Compton-Dundon-Somerton
Redlake Farm - 07740 196645

Any questions? Please email Natalie directly

Join us

To Join us please fill in the form below and pay your £30 deposit via this link.
We look forward to gathering with you.

Natalie and Anna

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