Meditation Secrets for Women

We have been given guidelines and spiritual concept of enlightenment through thousands of years of mainly teachings from lineage of men. How can women sieve through the dogma and ways we try to fit into boxes and fail, to discover maps that live inside our own beings. To walk a path of receptivity and intimacy  that is woman, in our sovereignty and share the precious gifts we find in ourselves.  

Today I felt this void as I woke, a slight shake inside,  I was distracting myself to avoid feeling and I knew weeping was close inside me.  I turned towards a book i was reading. I started to feel that my breath was holding, and each breath I took my ribs gave way to a little sob, and inside the river of releasing the tension a prayer began to form, ma love me, hold me, may i trust this in me that is sacred and alive as the path. Slowly I was coming into presence, stillness, yet still moving gentle rocking, spiralling of my hips, touching my body with tenderness. I am dwelling in the sanctuary of my being once more. A woman finding her belonging and resting in my heart and connection.  My breathe deepening, opening to receive life, to drink in the mysteries and the out breath letting go into the infinite. I am home once more, mediation for woman, no boxes to fit into, no ideas of how I think it should look, just a gradual trust in my own knowing and wisdom. 

Here is the poem i read by Camille Maurine from her book Meditation Secrets for women 

Something's not right I feel off
Am I ever looking forward to this meditation, to check into what's going on
If only I had a cave to retreat to
To lick my wounds, even though I don't know what they are!
I'11 create an inner cave and just.....breathe...

My chest is so ...tight, tight as if something is tugging on my heart,
Hmmm, not exactly sadness.
Disheartened..oh I'm disheartened...

So much effort...I really do try to give my all
I give and give, but sometimes it just doesn't seem enough
I know this is just a mood, but I could just.....weep
My heart my heart is... hungry! Maybe I'm just depleted.
Okay hungry heart let me feed you with the breath

Receive breath
Ah, soft movement of the breath coming in, that's it
A little shallow, but easy does it, no forcing, Exhale
Another inhalation, umm a little deeper
A trickle of love flows in...A trickle of tears flows out

I receive breath...I receive life...I receive love
Yes Yes I feel it now. Life is flowing into me, filling me, nourishing me
Tender touch of the breath in and out - melting, softening..... 

I receive and release, over and over again
How generous this movement of gentle....
I don't have to do anything-just be here with it, with myself
I receive life, I receive love..

Ah, let me dwell inside this cave of the heart forever..

Written by Camille Maurice - Meditation Secrets for Women


A little music for your heart if you feel like exploring your way to mediate. 

Ane Brun and Fleshquartet - The Opening


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