Surrendering into the sacred

We might taste a sense of surrender when we listen to some music that touches our soul,  or it may be making love and a moment of orgasm and bliss in our bodies, which takes us into a quality of melting, we lose our sense of identity with the 'me' and become more connected to something of oneness.   We might meet surrender when we are in a process of grieving and letting go, if we allow our hearts to break open into this utter tenderness of grief or we may touch surrender through the flow of a day when we are doing something we love, like cooking or some creativity moment where we lose ourselves in the moment, time stand still and we feel at one with ourselves and life, joy from just being.  We might meet surrender when we allow ourselves to be just as we are, with no expectations of how it should look like. 

Life trials can be a teacher for surrender as soon as we resist what is here, we want something to be different we are fighting against life and going against the flow.   Sometimes surrender arises when we have become so weary of old patterns and the pain of the fighting with ourselves, or repeated  drama in our lives, that something within deeper gives way, like we are washed up from a storm and finally we have let go and the waves take us to the shore... this can be the way surrender can come to us. It can weather us and break down our superiority and arrogance, and also our worthlessness, because it asks us to allow, and accept what is here, it asks us to surrender to our humanness and imperfections and not some idealized idea of a spiritual enlighten version of ourselves, surrender asks us to accept the chaos and fragility and impermanence of life, and loss, death so it may enter a deeper truth of the sacred preciousness of life, a continuing letting go into what is here in this moment.

Surrender is about trusting the cycles of life and death to take us deeper into the sacred beauty of just being here. It strips away the complexity of the stories of who we think we are, to a naked intimacy with life, which is sacred and in essence love.  We mostly protect ourselves from this level of surrender.  To see where we resist surrendering,  we might ask what do we fear, where do we cling to control, how do we protect our vulnerability.  What are we pushing away. if we begin with these question we enter the darkness of the unknown. This for me is the portal of surrender and it also the doorway to erotic creative life force(shakti) that we can access within our own being and the possibility of co-create new consciousness and sacred life in which our unique gifts can shine. 

The Sacred is relational, as in nature,  it longs to connect us, to nourish us, touch us with beauty, to re-remember, our essence and belonging.  It is the wildness of life in all forms. 

 When we begin to feel the truth of this, life itself becomes sacred, a joyfulness and deep sense of belonging and homecoming emanate from inside our own being. Pain and our imperfection still are part our life's experience yet this deep wellbeing a quite joy is acknowledged within.   However for us to know ourselves as sacred we have to begin with asking the question what is this longing in my heart, how does my soul move me intuitively to what i long to know in myself. When we open ourselves to this longing or even a sacred prayer within our hearts,  we are calling the sacred into our everyday lives.  When we remember what we need to nourish in our lives and hearts, we are listening to the sacred song of the life inside us and the soul essence begins to move us in mysteries ways to what we long to know. 

We might ask how can I live a more soulful life?  Simplicity, beauty, ordinary rituals, lighting a candle, listening to beautiful music, flowers, nourishing my body, being in nature, intimacy with others, vulnerability, compassion, kindness are ways that we can weave the sacred into our lives. Slowly we begin to  weave new pathways.  When we create sacred pauses in our day,  get closer to our aloneness,  turn towards what we might normally run away from,  be kind and compassionate to the parts of ourselves that are in pain,  to feed and water what we love, what matters to us,  what we long to know, to be honest with ourselves are some of the ways we can water the garden of our sacred soul life.

I have been asked to be a guest speaker on the subject of surrender soon.  I will let you know more about the recording which i think will be avaialble in August.  

Much Love Natalie 

natalie brooks